The Cost-Effective Building Repair, House Rehab & Heritage Preservation

Building Rehabilitation for Private & Public Use
The Methods of Planning and Building for Economic and Energy Saving Projects Working with Rediscovered Craftsmanship Outside Modern Building Standards of Fake Building Physics
Konrad Fischer, Architect BYAK – Shanghai (China), Tongji University 2015-4-2

Hosted by CAUP Tongji University/UNESCO World Heritage Institute of Training & Research for the Asia & Pacific Region

Moderator: Patrick ZHANG Peng, PhD, Associate Professor
National First Class Registered Architect, College of Architecture and Urban Planning Tongji University

An all too long lasting period of splendid restoration endangers our cultural heritage. Mostly reinvented heroic examples of our antique magnificence follow a more or less nationalistic ideology. Destructive expert work is followed by extremely expensive projects.

The general renovation has primarily become a financial problem. Secondly the brutal adaption to modern building standards is following a phony building physics created by semi-scientific institutions which are dependent of the building industry.

An economic rehab work & home improvement needs stringent preliminary inspection, precise planning on base of experimental research & experienced knowledge.

Insights into the useful methods of planning – some detailed examples from various profane & clerical building types.

And: What’s wrong with usual methods to combat the moisture of the ‘rising damp’, to cover old facades by modern coatings & to save energy by fluffy insulation, the National Building Regulations & the Industrial Standards? Get surprised by astonishing answers!

The Main Topics

How to manage cost-reduced restauration of ruined building structures, a structural protecting repair, the preservation & conservation of listed buildings, the rehabilitation of real estate. Refurbishment, maintenance, renovation & upgrading modernization of the infrastructure despite salty efflorescence and contamination, woodworm & dry rot, with maximized re-use of the exterior & interior construction & fabric. Protective safeguarding & technical, functional & aestethical update of the historic house, church, monastery, castle, noble manor house, palace & fortress, town hall, rural farmhouse, industrial building, urban residential & apartment houses, the heritage sites onto national heritage buildings & world heritage sites.
The How To’s, Hints, Tips, Tricks & Cheats from the financiation & building survey & inventory to the initial planning onto the final account by true eco green design for aged construction.
Modern vs. traditional building technique?
The energy saving window – single, double triple glassed, blinds, wood, steel or plastic, recycling or renewal? Optimized energy efficiency in heating systems, convectional & radiation techniques.
Crumbling, cracking, decay & aging of wooden construction, natural stone, brick, roof tiles & mortars, leaking roof and gutters, lime render & wash & synthetical resin fixings & coatings – problems & solutions.
How to get the economic, thrifty & cost-saving building remodeling & facelifting to contemporary touch in the budget following or despite the conservators of the heritage conservation body (governmental office).
The scam of the thermal insulation by Exterior Insulation Finishing System EIFS / External Thermal Insulation Composite System ETICS, mineral wool, inflammable polystyrene, expanded foam & PUR.
Moisture barriere, damp proof course & rising dampness in wet walls, black mold, dry rot, rotten wood & other building damage. Concrete, cement & non-hydraulic pure hydratic lime mortar – the secrets.
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Do-It-Yourself-Projects DIY.
Bribery & fraud in the building branche, scientific research institute, media & government.
The problems of the craftsman, architect, civil engineer & builder & owner with the building inventory, the offering process & the work description.
Investments in renewable energy with solar energy panels, wind energy plants, climate change deniers, man made (anthropogenic) global warming sceptics & the IPPC hoax.

The result of the author’s 450 executed building rehabilitation projects since 1979 in a two hour lecture only.

A video from Konrad Fischer, Hochstadt a. Main – 建筑师、工程师 – コンラート・フィッシャー – 古城修復建築士 (20 Languages)

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